Daves Seminars

Daves Seminars are a culmination of his years of study and application with thousands of clients. He has spent years learning through texts, seminars and study with medical professional friends. Dave loves sharing his knowledge to promote a healthier world for you. You can gain skills in homeopathic, herbal and cell salt knowledge as each seminar has its different focus. Learn from his many experiences and systems for finding the right natural remedies to help in balancing health.

Emotional Healing Seminar addresses issues from anxiety and depression to OCD, addiction, grief and self-acceptance using herbs and homeopathy. Facial Diagnosis Seminar teaches you how to see signs in the face of underlying problems such as skin discoloration as a liver problem, and the herbs and homeopathic remedies to support the body to heal such. The Power of Cell Salt Seminar, along with his book Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies, covers the 12 essential minerals needed for good balance of health and how to use them in strengthen tissues and organs when there is mineral deficiency. This seminar is also available for download at DavesHealingNotes.com. Practical Homeopathy Seminar introduces you to what homeopathy is and how to use these amazing medicines that are safe for everyone, including nursing mothers and children. It includes keynotes to the 40 most-used remedies along with how to create your own formulas. Seven Symbols Seminar comes from Dave’s own system of finding the exact remedy your body and soul need for balance in a very short amount of time. Additional reference can be found in his book, Seven Symbols of Healing.

You can use Daves seminars at your own pace and in your own home. Each kit comes with a workbook and a CD or DVD recording of the seminar. Many have found new skills and knowledge to help them and their families, or use it in their professional careers as nurses, nurse practitioners, and other natural healing practitioners.

emotional healing seminar by david r card

Emotional Healing

Learn how to use herbs and homeopathic medicine to help in emotional healing. Dave presents natural solutions to issues from anxiety to OCD, anger to depression.

facial diagnosis seminar by dave card

Facial Diagnosis

Learn how to read the colors, textures, and features of the face in order to diagnose possible physical and emotional weaknesses. Also learn how to naturally support and balance the body.

power of cell salt seminar by dave card

The Power of Cell Salts

Discover how cell salts, the 12 minerals essential to your body’s functions, can help enhance healing. You’ll learn the history of cell salts, how they work, and how to use them therapeutically.

practical homeopathy seminar by dave card

Practical Homeopathy

Make and graft your own homeopathics! You’ll learn how homeopathics work and how to use your own homemade remedies to benefit your family. The seminar also includes notes on key remedies and Dave’s formulas.

seven symbols seminar by dave card

Seven Symbols

Using ancient wisdom and philosophy you will learn how universal symbols and archetypes can support healing. A great tool for anyone wishing to bridge the gap between traditional and modern medicine.

Cell salts poster

Cell Salt Poster

The Cell Salt Poster charts your birth times by the zodiac and represents several levels of symbolism concerning natural life cycles. It can also be helpful to cleanse and strengthen the body with cell salts according to the zodiac seasons.